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>> mourners gathered for the first funeral for victims of the sandy hook elementary school shooting in connecticut. good evening it is our top story seen all around the country tonight the steps to move forward the massacre in newtown. we spent the day working the story. >> this is a painful time for family members of the victims as they bury their loved ones. a funeral procession carrying a
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tiny coffin to its final resting place, this scene will become all too familiar in a new town connecticut in the coming days the first funerals were held for friday's victims at sandy hook elementary, 26 year olds were laid to rest. he received little coffins and your heart has to take. symbols of support and solidarity are pouring in from around the country. it's amazing that people that far away care about us. this tight-knit community is beginning the past moving forward monday trucks arrived to move supplies from sandy hook to another school in a nearby town. the unspeakable tragedy had sparked the debate over gun control and a culture of violence in america. gun violence is a national epidemic in the national tragedy that demands more than words that's
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why we need an immediate international action from the president and congress. >> we as a nation have not done enough clearly to fill our number one obligation which is to protect our children. >> newtown united is calling for better gun control. the goal is to prevent a similar nightmare from striking another community. we do something now and take some action be proactive. >> some get ready to go back to school on tuesday parents learned about new precautions that will be in place there will be policed and grief counselors present. >> the gun control debate is heating up closer to home, and
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illinois senator and the governor are all calling for stricter gun control laws. >> it did not take long for gun control advocates to speak up in the state of illinois is an issue for the gun advocates behind me something that strikes at the heart of a constitutional right. the issue of today is we need to ban assault weapons in illinois. >> state democrats were reading off the same script monday reacting to the connecticut school shooting. assault weapons have been used over and over again to kill innocent human beings in our state and elsewhere and we have to do something about it. at rainbow push headquarters denied a vigil, rev. jesse jackson paying tribute to the lives lost in connecticut. chicagos police superintendent voiced his
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concerns. >> there is no other economy on earth where supply so always legitimate demand. it's legitimate demand is 10 x then why do we produce 100 axed and 90 x goes into the illegal market? that is game set and match for me. >> but at this shooting range it's not more gun laws needed they say the owners saying that it's the system. >> it's broken. >> and it needs a complete overhaul including mental overhaul. if i have a mental problem and i go to somebody my neighbors shouldn't befind out about it then if i have a gun in my gun should be taken away. >> >> at the chicago police academy
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graduation this morning the mayor said that the national assault weapons ban which expired in 2004 needs reinstatement. i would hope that the leadership in congress would now have a vote of conscience. there are certain classes of weapons that are strictly military, they have no useful purpose in sports hunting or self-defense they should not be legally sold in america the gun that was used at sandy hook grade school was just such a gun. >> gov. paquin told me today that an assault weapons ban in the state is likely to come up for a vote as early as its session next month in springfield. >> its the conversation schools nationwide are likely having this week, just how secure are our children? we spoke with a security consultant who specializes in keeping classrooms safer.
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>> this special says the bells and whistles can cost you a good security doesn't always have to. if i only have a dollar to spend and that only have an hour to plan on going to focus on communications and access control. those are paul * top to suggestions from a second generation company started in 1984 sadly tim says schools are reluctant to prioritize security until tragedy strikes his priority was first communication, two-way radios or walkie-talkies, p a system is indoors and out even emergency phones peppered throughout the school one door in and the same door out for all visitors. i am not for a prison mentality... >> some areas schools quickly turned to the basics, emergency drills and lots of them like at bell elementary in chicago. with
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such a terrible tragedy i think it puts them on high alert. increased police presence outside the school is another approach like in suburban riverside. these kids need to know that their loved, that people care about them and they can be safe in school because they're supposed to be, they should be thinking about class's and not someone coming in through the front door. >> everyone should turn over their state ids until they are ready to leave the building and be checked for criminal history on the spot at the school he goes on to say today's best technology is already virtually in everyone's pockets tablet technology using apps the challenge today he claims is getting schools to commit to more security. it has to be administrators from the very top saying this is our commitment to providing a safe learning environment and
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everybody begins to pick up on that culture. interestingly our security consultant believes one of the best measures a school can invest in is a school resource officer, this is no small expense is a sworn officer that carries a weapon and not just a security officer in uniform. more names and faces from the victims of the connecticut massacre are being made public, these are the youngest to lose their lives.
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felony hazing charges connected to the death of a freshman. police say the fraternities on sanctions social events led to a boy's death. >> felony hazing charges filed against five frat leaders a misdemeanor charges filed against 17 members this fraternity house is quiet tonight in fact the and i you campus is quiet as the students are on winter break announced in this case today after the corners office received toxicology results into the november death of 19 year-old david his blood alcohol level was about five times the legal limit and his cause of death was alcohol intoxication as a significant contributing factor you can see a small memorial for him, he was a
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freshman pledging to the fraternity that hosted an unsanctioned party at his house at 1020 west hillcrest near campus pledges were signed greek dads who were upperclassmen in the fraternity and greek moms from related sororities in a 2 hour. 19 pledges located between several rooms in the front house they were asked questions or given cups of alcohol to drink, when it was over several pledges ended up passing out and david never woke up, his parents live in florida now and the attorney says they are believed by the charges but they hope significant change will come from his desk they want an end to alcohol-related hazing on college campuses and they want the university to take responsibility but one student says that changing the culture of binge drinking will be hard. >> it's going to happen, if they do it at a frat house or if they
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do it at a friend's house. young people are still going to binge drink. in college. that's what they do. >> college age students died of unintended alcohol-related incidents, my son was in afghanistan in the marine corps into a safer there than he would have been on a college campus. >> they are accused of giving alcohol to the under aged pledges and creating an environment where they felt compelled to drink as a part of the initiation process police said that they will make arrangements with all of those facing charges to turn themselves in, in addition to the criminal charges is spokesperson says that disciplinary charges were filed against 31 fraternity members
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and the fraternity for violating the students code of conduct they could face penalties including expulsion from school. >> coming up a special group of first responders, what they bring to this new fight to disasters like hurricane sandy. >> my home town is glendale heights illinois and want to give a shout out to my family and my friends i love you guys and i will be back, happy holidays. that was me... the day i learned i had to start insulin for my type 2 diabetes. me... thinking my only option was the vial and syringe dad used. and me... discovering once-daily levemir® flexpen®.
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an update tonight of the victims of hurricane sandy how they're dealing with their losses with lack of teeth, power. >> a group of volunteers from chicago are helping them long after headlines have faded. it's 6:00 a.m. in a bear in unheated brooklyn warehouse, hurricane relief workers are prepped for their morning briefing. some have driven all night from chicago just to be here. a lot of long winding roads in pennsylvania... it's good to be out here. what they found weeks after the storm is damage that
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defies the imagination. houses destroyed, cars, kitchens, it's dangerous. so they go to work mucking at sea water soaked dry wall distributing relief supplies not sure where to start helping hurricane battered residents along the new york city coast but they are willing to do what they can. neighbors hope this will go way but it takes time. there are still folks scattered everywhere, house is that will have to be torn the rest of the way down, cars left wherever sandy dumped them when she rolled through a line on a tree shows how high the water rose, about 4 ft.. there is a foot of rockaway beach in this basement. in this
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one the problem is actually a lot worse the way it would quickly turning into a health issue if it is a torn out right away the elderly residents already without heat and power will be homeless forced out by air quality. water damage on everything mold and dry wall. some of these people lost everything they had here, some of these people lost family members. most of these volunteers are ex military veterans who have come here to help small armies of civilian volunteers. and in the rockaway released missionrelief mission, a lot of them feel like they walked back into a war. the air quality has gotten worse and worse and has
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ordered all of us to where these masks, mine is already filthy. there is growing fear about black mold in the air. it's an important issue but just one of many being faced by a relatively new organization founded not even three years ago and now writing the book on disaster relief. i am a guy from chicago. and yes one of the group's founders is from chicago. william was born in evanston, raised in winnetka. after the 2010 earthquake in haiti he traveled there with friends and fellow marine jake would to help what they started grew into a team rubicon a renegade relief agency that has drawn praise from michelle obama and president clinton. we paired military veterans with medical
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professionals and we conducted a medical triage in some of the hardest-hit areas. so it's about to do something that gives them a sense of purpose dedicating themselves to a cause larger than their own they join the military to be part of an organization, something bigger than themselves and when they take off their uniforms they're looking for something bigger to surf. you see it everywhere, in the rockaways. like in this home, they tell a gut-wrenching story as steve's got out their house.theives gut out their house. their car floated away and the water rose around penny.
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terrible. >> so upsetting and devastating that i don't have any words that's how terrible i think this all is. what makes it better? well the small things like when we found their water logged wedding album. tomorrow part two of our coverage story hurricane victims being helped by the relief operation in new york.
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innovation lead to transformation an update on the story reported in may a group of college engineering students altering the life of a doctor or unable to perform surgery because he couldn't stand then on the spot he stood. this was the scene more than seven months ago, five engineering students at the university of wisconsin at madison huddle around the standing paraplegic omnidirectional transport a wheelchair they developed from the ground up. the device is heading to the operating room not to support a patient but to support a surgeon. that is absolutely amazing. throughout the course of the project an orthopedic surgeon damaged his spinal cord and lost the use of his legs after a fall from a third story balcony checked in by a skyvia skype/want to see how
9:28 pm
far we can take it. in november they gathered for their first test run in a simulated operating room. we didn't know that he couldn't be moved by a nurse our first designs were not even the electrical after the test the students put the finishing touches on the design on friday their final presentation the doctor flew to madison to demonstrate the device that just might change his life. i don't know that there are words... it just gave me a whole new opportunity to move. i think deep down he's thrilled that's why i became a biomedical engineer, to help people reduce their pain and to give people hope and i feel like this encompasses all of those goals
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pretty well. if you would like to learn more about the team of engineering students and the standing wheelchair go to our web site. >> our mild weather is going to come to a very abrupt halt.
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in case you were wondering winter is on its way. one of the reasons it hasn't been called this because there hasn't been any snow on the ground. today it was kind of a crummy day cloudy and dull looking but temperatures were above normal for the 28th consecutive day here in chicago. the street has continued long enough we are in our 280 stay without measurable snow. 288th day without measurable snow. the track of this system
9:33 pm
will be determined in the next day with greater precision than we have it now. powerful winds are to hit on thursday which will send temperatures plunging 20 degrees on thursday afternoon, here is the storm coming onshore out here in oregon. that is the system moving our way that is going to bring an end to these 40 degree temperatures at downers grove today. we had a per thirties today and some '20s as you can see right now. temperatures are not going to drop much lower but they have had some pretty good snow out west, over a foot in
9:34 pm
places like montana and idaho so that is the beginning of the weather system we are getting some rain and some light snow returns here is what happens in the short term, lots of clouds tonight and tomorrow morning. you will see these little snow elements coming across the area they are very light. we might get a dusting of snow particularly in the northern suburbs. you can see that weather system tomorrow or tomorrow night but here is the main event, an onshore now coming in on shore now. as we extend into tomorrow
9:35 pm
night's the winter storm watches have been issued. a big buckle will develop in the jet stream right here and this is a plunge of much colder air. here is how that will look on the weather maps. a system comes across tomorrow. you will see the model begin developing rain and heavy snow band it will ride up just over chicago just to ourselves and its wraparound hits on saturday afternoon. who is going to get the heaviest snow? iowa, parts of northwest illinois,
9:36 pm
wisconsin will get 8-12 in. but this is all pursuing to upon the storm track. that heavy snow band shifts into our area we will have a lot of wind first from the south, this is what propels the cold air this is the forecast on thursday morning thursday evening wind gusts over 50 mi. per hour. the wind chills will take a dive. there are no chemicals on the road and even though the snow accumulation here after a night and morning of rain may not be all that great we could still get several inches, no residual chemicals on the road so the rose turned into a skating rinksthe roads will turn into skating
9:37 pm
rinks. there has been a trend for this track to be shifted farther south but the model runs today so we will be watching these in the days to come. the stars precipitation locks in wednesday night. storms precipitation blocks in wednesday night.locks in wednesday night we
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>> who will be the judge in richard vinecko's and involuntary manslaughter trial? the judge will ultimately presides over richards charge may come from outside of cook county, the case against the nephew of the former mayor richard daley will now head to the chief judge timothy evans. >> we are really outraged by the fact that because some newspaper reporters think that the cook county judges cannot be fair that this case has to be reassigned. earlier today judge arthur hill refused himself by saying this week and last he
9:42 pm
could be fair and impartial but he worked under the defendants ogle who later appointed him to the cta board when judge michael took the case he said: it is really disheartening that these perceptions exist, we don't have a problem with this because when this case is tried before a jury or before a judge, we fully expect there to be a not guilty finding. the defense feels comfortable here, they feel that the judges here have a knowledge of some of the information that's going to come out on trial, maybe street knowledge as to what goes on. police at the time called koschman aggressor
9:43 pm
and closed the case but vinecko about a foot tallerstood about a foot taller and out wweighed koschman. >> blasting on the mississippi river south of st. louis could begin as early as tomorrow dangerously low water levels are threatening to snag barges it could scrape the rocky riverbeds downstate to the army corps of engineers is draining part of lake carlisle during the river bed blasting it traffic will be stopped for 16 hours a day as explosives are detonated. nextel the post office is handling the entries. the bulls
9:44 pm
are hoping to pick up an ugly win tonight in memphis. [ air howling ] [ male announcer ] peppermint that cools as you chew. stimulate your senses. 5 gum. now in micro pack.
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♪ stir it, stir it, stir it up, stir it ♪ ♪stir it, stir it stir it up, stir it up. ♪ stir up a smile, with hershey's syrup. >> the postal service said today was their busiest day of the year more than 655 million pieces of mail being processed
9:47 pm
today that is 17 million more than the average stay at the postal service a santa claus himself greeting customers at the main post office in chicago today they have seen a double- digit increase from shipping and packages so far this holiday season. >> we have ourselves some active weather, it is 40 right now that was the high today here in chicago. the jet stream running along that. that is what is producing the storm that will come in later in the week. seven degrees colder than 24 hours ago
9:48 pm
and here is a closer plot of the temperatures already down in the upper 20s. we don't expect the readings to go much lower. this storm goes to the texas panhandle up into southeastern kansas. this is the european center track. a track like that is closer to one that produces snow. there is a second system that produces no and that will come up later on tuesday and wednesday next week. this is an active pattern but i want to show you what the temperatures due tomorrow. here is the
9:49 pm
forecast on wednesday we may spike in the '50s. look what happens late in the day by evening it's down to the single digits with 50 mi. per hour wind gusts on thursday and snow in the air at that time. it will be a problem tomorrow but it will be a late wednesday night and thursday. 42 is the forecast tomorrow with light snow or ice pellets or drizzle. kind of cloudy the calm before the storm wednesday. we will start at 45 and fall to the mid-20s it's going to be very wintry. lots of
9:50 pm
whether to talk about here we will brief you on all of this at the end of tomorrow to. >> coming up its wheat 16 but levy smith thinks the playoffs begin for the bears sunday in arizona. rich king [ female announcer
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>> is going to be a little rough. it's going to be able to ruff, the bears now are in the category and in the hunt for the playoffs and they still have a decent chance. and even then they can get some help the bears' offense stuck it out on soldier field against the packers. a huge swing plate in that game. the playoffs are in question. and love the smith loves to use that phrase, must win. besides that, what can
9:54 pm
happen with our season it has begun. anytime j. cutler is radio show took place at hawkeye's on west taylor street. the offense had to be held accountable even if it means jobs cutler saying that brandon may want to hand back some of those words. >> i think he probably should have chose his words a little bit differently but other than that i agree everyone needs to be held accountable i don't think he meant to much with the jobs there and i think he was talking more about players and we need to figure out what we need to do. media day in south bend the fighting irish prepare for january 7th penn point underdogs. he is well aware that
9:55 pm
notre dame has been the underdog in big games pretty much all year long. going into it, nobody ever saw us at this point but we worked our way up from the bottom. >> i would be very very surprised if he can handle the moment i think he has enough experience this year that he can go in there and playing the game. i think everybody that watches him nose. the bulls on the road against the best western conference the grizzly's took a 15-6 into the action. tom tabasco entered a 37%... he misses the chance and he plows into a fults tide. everybody misses thefull tie, tried to make
9:56 pm
a run after a turnover. the bulls simply ran out of energy late in the game this time he does not miss the grizzlies paul away into they win 80-71 the bulls are now 13 and 10. this will drive a coach absolutely nuts. the bobcats did not score for the rest of the game. the big three put them on top the cats wind. win, happiness is a pretzel in the notre dame victory for this young man. he will go
9:57 pm
inside for the flushing had 14 they went 74-52 and 10 and 1 overall. that is the news for this monday night. updates from all of us, have a good night. ♪ stir it, stir it, stir it up, stir it ♪ ♪stir it, stir it stir it up, stir it up. ♪ stir up a smile, with hershey's syrup.
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